Which is better? I'm talking about a good 3 hour cardio/weighttraining workout. I usually have a snack before but that's it. I'll eat after (it'd be around 9:30 pm, instead of 6:00)
It depends. If youre weightlifting Its good to both. Eating before the workout gives you energy and within the 1st hour after you workout your muscles take in the most protein so slam some protein shakes!
Both normally. Also, hitting the gym for that long can cause your body to go into a catabolic state whereby your body starts to burn your muscles.

More is not always better.
Before for some quick energy, and afterwards for proteins and whatnots.

Just don't eat too much before, you know
Afterwards. I always leave half an hour between eating a decent sized meal and going to the gym/for a run. Taking an energy bar or something shouldn't be a problem though.
You know there's this thing called the Bodybuilding/General Nutrition (i think) thread that knows the answers to these questions better than we do
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Eat after when yalls do cardio for to be burning fat more quicker.
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Eat something light before (like an apple or banana) but don't eat a full meal. And yeah, protein shake after an hour.