Hi everybody,

this is actually my first composition that seems to sound like something listenable
So, the first solo's still missing, few parts needs heavy improvement etc

It's actually influenced by WinterSun, Symphony X, malmsteen, Canon Rock by JerryC and ... DragonBall (Shenlong is the dragon in the serie.).

And no, i cannont play it (i count 45 sweeps, a few quick alternate picking, a tapping interlude inspired by Sea Of Lies etc.

So, what do think about ? I only play 1 year and a half, so i don't many songwriting skills (i only composed a few solos, few Kalmah/ChildreOfBodom riffs, and a grindcore).

It's written in C mixolydien and a solo in D mixolydien.

The link: http://www.megaupload.com/?d=SCOEG7RJ

I will upload it when i've got winzip (i vgot winrar)
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im not gonna lie, it sounded like random notes in the beginning but as the song went on i like it more and more. the sweeping parts were truly epic, and the solos looked wicked, they just need some music playing with them. like i said, it seemed like random notes in the beginning, but then again thats how dragonforce plays. i also liked the time changes, good job

could you crit my song?
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New version, without second guitar, more listenable, a bit slower also ^^
There is also a demo of a tech death song i was trying to compose...
Shenlong v2.zip