good as new in box, i only played with the looper for a few minutes before packing it away again, it's bulky and i'm going to go with a simpler smaller delay instead.

£80 posted (cheque prefferable, or £85 with paypal) or will trade/part trade,

pedals im interested in:

Boss PS-2,
proco rat (any kind considered)

looking for:
Boss RV-2
Proco Turbo Rat
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i am also interested I live in Norway, if you can't send it my father can pick it up in england.
If youre after a reverb, check out the Verbzilla or Boss RV-3 or RV-5. I had an RV-2, and it was a bit noisier than I was willing to tolerate. Great sounds. Too much hiss.
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yes, uk sale only to save on postage.

hmm i have heard that, but i also heard that the reverb itself was still a lot nicer than the rv-3/5.
and i was interested in the zilla before someone i spoke to said they had to return two because they kept busting.

looking for:
Boss RV-2
Proco Turbo Rat
Dude i have a Boss ge-7 that i will trade for. let me know, cause akai makes some way amzing stuff
hey man, dont know if you would be interested in this. . .but i have an earthquaker devices custom shop hoof fuzz. theyre a boutique company from the US and are very highly thought of. its basically a big muff with more gain can do proper distoprtion sounding tones and also fuzz. i just dont use it. theyre rare in this country as well. would you be up for a trade?
what kind of hoof is it, the old big one or the newer one in a smaller case

looking for:
Boss RV-2
Proco Turbo Rat