come talk about left handed guitar playing. something like "why is so much more expensive to buy a left handed guitar than a right handed one?"
I'm left handed, but i play righthanded guitars. Lefthanded guitars are more expensive since there is fewer left handed persons in the world then right handed persons so the left handed guitars are fewer in numbers and thus making them more expensive.
when I first started I tried it right handed but it felt so unnatural and weird. i guess only some people who are left handed can play right handed too.
I'm sure this has been done before.

I'm lefty, play left.

I Deal with inflation with un-fair pricing by buyig Schecter, much simplier

Am going to learn to play righty this summer
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im lefty and play righty ftw!!!, only eat and right with my left hand

Me too, high five!!!
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My friend and I are both extemely left handed but play right handed guitar - I just don't see how left hand guitar is done!!!
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To be honest, I've never actually seen left-handed models priced higher.
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The left handed guitar I bought was the exact same price as a right handed.

The question I have is: Where is the best place to find lessons for a L/H guitar?