Hey I'm Sam, I'm only 13, but everyone says I should have a band.
So I'm joining a band perferably with like 13-18 year olds.
I play the bass, and the piano (I would need to buy a keyboard if you want me to play keyboard).
I love rock, I'm into metal.
I love RHCP, System of a Down, The Offspring, MCR, August Burns Red, BTBAM, BFMV, and stuff like that.
I live in York County PA (York, PA to be exact).

PM me
E-Mail me at thekoooliest09@yahoo.com
MSN me at the kooliest09@yahoo.com
or AIM me at thekooliestman

Thank you,
i mean like a band with people you dont know is gonna be akward, specaily if you only 13, but yeh i duno, i would say do the age old find a drummer at school and ask him if he wants to come round and jam for a bit, then get a guitarest, just casualy jam man, then if the vibe works for you, you can start righting songs and getting gigs ect.
hmmm hey i have an idea lets be 13 and sell myself out to pedophiles on UG!

try school first
if that fails atleast find one friend to jam with write soem songs play at a local coffee shop and get recognized. if people like wha tyou do ask them to come jam with you

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Yeh the SICK! bit sounds a bit stupid.

yea...there are already like three bands not needing a bassist in my school and the school i went to 2 years ago...
and there are no other musically inclined kids (well there are those ppl in band that play trumpet and flute...but i dont need them)...
i just went and watched luminaire divided play at club 19...they are really good...all 6 of them are from YC...

EDIT: speaking of which i saw this band also play there, they had a temporary basssist, and said they were looking for a new one...but i didnt like their music that much...and i know half of them smoke...so i dont think so...but i might be able to get in that band........
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m8 you are talking **** there are always musicaly inclinded people in school! no matter where you are, chances are the trumpet players and flutests have got a guitar played among them and you would deff find a persuccion player AKA drum kit. Your an idiot man. I could set up 6 bands in 2 days at my school just with people in my year let alone other years, i mean dude its simple, find soemone who plays guitars and find a drummer, which si simple as hell! just put your self out tehre insteed of trying to join an alredi formed band
dude...there are like 5 bands in my school that dont need a bassist...and im in a private school....there is no one...and half of the people like rap...those idiots...