Poll: The fate of the world...relying upon one bowl of cereal...
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View poll results: The fate of the world...relying upon one bowl of cereal...
Cocoa Pebbles
15 52%
Strawberry Frosted Mini Wheats
4 14%
Fruit Loops
8 28%
Frosted Flakes
9 31%
A random popsicle
5 17%
Original Rice Milk
5 17%
Enriched Original Soy Milk
4 14%
Vanilla Soy Milk
4 14%
Voters: 29.
the difficult question facing breakfasters when there are so many delicious choices. my future rests in the hands of my fellow UGers.

my goals, dreams, aspirations, getting a job this week, getting a kitten, finding someone to buy my next pack...it all hangs in the balance, and what I eat within the next hour could either make or break me.

so, one type of food, one type of milk...oh, the trust I put in you all! fail me not!
cinamon toast crunch
honey bunches of oats
raisin bran
rice krispies

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Yeh the SICK! bit sounds a bit stupid.

Either cheerios or rice krispies with 2% milk. That's why I'm such a champion.
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I neither have money nor the keys to my apartment to venture out in the brisk San Francisco dawn. plus, it's 8 AM on a Sunday morning. the closest stores open require the maneuvering of pretty steep hills. I could collapse from lack of cereal nutrients at any moment!
weetos ftw!
theyre fantabulous..
i take i this is a usa thread..
i havent heard of half of these...

pizza is best...
In the UK Tesco used to do this cereal that was so good, but they don't do it any more
well, it's time.

Cocoa Pebbles and vanilla soy it is!

if I turn out to still be a failure in five years, I'm blaming you guys.