not to be a dick but when i asked this i was told to search it so i advise you do the same

plus someone wrote in a column the difference between distortion, fuzz, overdrive, etc.

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Yeh the SICK! bit sounds a bit stupid.

SEARCH BAR, i swear i saw this same thread like a day ago, i put an answer in there.
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Distortions are beter for SS amps, they give more distortion then an OD pedal would on a SS amp. If u have a small tube amp or when u get a tube amp, u definately will want an Overdrive pedal. It pushes tubes and gives em a boost, so u get more drive.

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It doesnt push tubes O.o...it adds sustain and drive which sounds more natrual than a distortion pedal

and can also be used to add extra sustain etc...to your amp without changing the colour of your tone. very useful pedals

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Overdrive pedals were originally created to somewhat replicate the sound of an overdriven tube amp, where the sound starts to break up...

They have taken that much further than it ever ocurred naturally though..

Overdrive typically provides a more robust and less harsh sound that distortion pedals do. They can be cruchy but usually without going over the top...

Distortion employs gain to create a much heavier sound with usually more dynamic properties....

there you go
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Distortion isn't real, it's just a common term to classify all types of effects that distort the sound waves the guitar makes. I guess it's like calling George Bush a president...
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I was gonna say look in the FAQs fool, but somebodies alreayd answered your question.But in future if you want to know something like this look in the FAQs first before you post. Saves everyone gettting annoyed, especially the mods who put alot of time in to making the FAQs so threads like these dont keep popping up.

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