yes i am the guy from the other thread...

okay ive settled on the fender jaguar just wandering what everyone thinks of them?

really cool?
pure hatred?

i think the red one looks awesome..
Jag's are awesome (see sig), so I'd assume a Jag bass would be just as awesome
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they are a really cool idea but from my experience and from that of other forum users the idea isn't done well.
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They look good and they're well put together but I just hate the neck join and the upper access. There's some great sounds in them, but less variety than you'd expect with all the damn switches.

They really could have made some better contours there.
They've got a great sound and feel, and look awesome. I didn't get one since I like passive basses, and would confuse myself with all the buttons and switches, but they really are pretty nice basses.
i love it i always go to gc just to play that one lol

its awkward to play sitting down IMO because of the body but im just not used to it

glorious sound

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Yeh the SICK! bit sounds a bit stupid.

The look funky, and sound quite good. Listen to 'I Miss You' Live, or some Cure records.
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The look funky, and sound quite good. Listen to 'I Miss You' Live, or some Cure records.

Your thinking of Bass VIs, not Jaguar Basses, which are entirely different.

Also, way to be vauge on artists.
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I get a seizure just thinking about all of those switches, variety is nice, but too much hurts the noggin.

A major gripe with them is despite all of those options, you cannot blend pickups. Even a jazz bass can do that, and it only has 3 knobs!

However, they do look cool.
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"Solid and quirky" is a good summation.

They have some nice features, mainly an active/passive switch and a traditional feel, but have some not so nice ones, like on/off pickup switches instead of more traditional blending. Other quirks include bunches of switchces and cut only active EQs.
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Make sure you want to play an active bass before you make any decisions. I prefer passive...
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"Solid and quirky" is a good summation.

cut only active EQs.

Admittedly not THAT bad an idea.

And what is different between the neck joint in the pic and most other fender joints? I know a few Fenders are different, but for the most part I though they were like that?

But my opinion on the Jag is that it is cool, but not something I would have as my normal bass. I would use it for certain things, but not for your usual song.
I'd just buy the legendary "Jazz Bass" if I was you. You could even get a Rickenbacker 4003 if you have the money.
as I said before

many if not all suffer from a shielding problem

and I hate that annoying hum you get becuase of that

but other than that, it's a cool looking, cool sounding bass made by a respectable company
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I Really think that it has a limited tonal pallet for how many switches and doo-dads there are on it. I played one for over an hour through numerous amps and couldn't really find a tone I personally enjoyed. If you can, then go for it, they do look hot as can be and seem to be fairly sturdy.