I think they are pretty sweet. I just got into them from Guitar Hero (yeah, I know). They have a cool sound, even though its kinda the same as other PP+E bands, but I still like em.
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Sick band. They play a pretty mainstream style, but they fucking rule at it.

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The Sleeping were the lot from Skycamefalling, right?
There were a couple of decent tracks on the first album but really not very good as a whole.

Skycamefalling I loved at one point though.
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Hate to be the 1st to say this... but I found them in Guitar Hero 3.

I checked them out and one of their songs was amazing. It's- Better than Anything else. Love that one.
"For Us, For Them, For You"
knew them before guitar hero but i remember them sounding different. maybe i was wrong. the one on guitar hero is sort of average but enjoyable.
I've known them for a while now. Seen them once. They have energy, but other than that I've never been terribly impressed by them.
The song on guitar hero is nowhere near as good as their others. I think they had another one on Madden, too.

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