I've completey taken apart my bass guitar and when i removed the bridge underneath i found a wire! The threads are exposed at the end so i thought it might be connected to something at the other end but once i removed the scratchplate the other end is not attached to anything! the threads on the other end are also exposed and i haven't a clue wether its actually supposed to be attached to anything! I'm a complete noob when it comes to guitar electricals and was wondering if anyone could help me out! is it supposed to be attached or is it there for other reasons like an earth wire or something?
Sounds like a grounding wire... But its stranged if it isnt attached to anything in the other end.

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I think it's an earth wire, or a ground wire or something.
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It was connected to the bridge until you removed it. It's the earth wire for the bridge (or "ground" if you're an American)
Was the other end wedged between the wood and a shielded part of the scratchplate?
Did you have a problem where you'd get a buzzing coming from your guitar, untill you touched any metal part? Then when you let go it started again?
Yeah there was a buzzing and theres some foil on the underside of the scratchplate! Cheers for all the help guys!
One other question! Does everyguitar need this or some sort of equivelent?
Funny cause i get a buzzing only when i touch two of the screws attaching the pu rings to my guitar for my bridge pu..

And i'm pretty sure most guitars have the equivalent of that, but if they don't have a trem i think the ground is in a different place like in my g400.
when we took apart my friends Squier P-Bass, there was also a wire just like that under the bridge. It obviously conducts something onto the bridge.
That wire grounds everything to the strings. The reason it is soldered onto the bridge is that it would be stupid to solder it onto the strings. The bridge makes contact with the strings, so that's good enough. If you touch any metal part on the guitar that touches the strings the buzzing you cease.
Its a ground wire, so the strings have an electrical connection, to assist the passive pickups to work. Its not required, and not recommended, if you have active pickups.

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Its a ground wire, so the strings have an electrical connection, to assist the passive pickups to work. Its not required, and not recommended, if you have active pickups.

Really?! Usually the grounding wires porpuse is to lead all leakage of elctricity away from the metal parts and the strings so that the strings not have any electricity becouse that couses buzzing?
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My guitar buzz's unless I touch some metal part, whats the cause/cure to this?

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that was just answered...
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Don't touch them. Or cover them with e-tape. My homemade axe has that same problem.
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alot of bridge ground wires are not soldered at the bridge they just run it thru the hole and squish the bridge down on it to make contact. The other end should be soldered to the back of your volume pot.
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