Right i've got this maverick X-1. Only it's not like the one you're thinking of. It's got a different shape, the knobs are just normal style stickie-out knobs like you'd find on any other normal guitar, the hardware is all black rather than smoked nickel and apart from the usual tummy tuck it's mostly slab sided. I remember someone on UG did a review and said there were some very rare x-1s with only like 100 made or something. Is this one of them? Also does anyone know how much one of them is worth?

there's a pic so you can see what i mean.

Btw before you say it i've looked everywhere on google so if you find something just by doing an internet search then I'll be impressed

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its one of mavericks earliest models before they added the roller controls. i think the user sinan90 has a bass from that run
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