So I'm going to be trying out for a band sometime tommorow afternoon. I'm a fairly decent bass player and I can hook in with the drums fairly easy. The only thing is that I'm not very experienced with other musicians. Any suggestions?
You should ask them what they play, and play something like that accordingly. Play a little something of your own that they might like. And, analiyze their behavior and try to act like them. Don't go overboard.
Yeah don't try and do fancy stuff to impress them. Just do nice simple stuff to their taste, but if you can do that well, they'll find it much more impressive than someone who attempts to do all kinds of fancy stuff but goes out of time a lot etc.
Alright. I'm working on writing a (better) bassline for one of their songs right now. I'll just keep it simple like you've all said and see what happens.
i think it helps if you hear them play a song first...and if you hear them play something ska like...just do arpeggios and hammer ons something soothing...if they play metal...pick up a pick and hit the bass note of the guitarist really fast :P
yeah, ill definitely have them run through some stuf so i catch their vibe. it's a blues/rockabilly/jazz band, so i think i got it down for what to play if they give me a chord progression.
blues and rockabilly! 2 of the best genres out there played at once? do not screw up.
for the main part just have fun and be yourself play like you, i know if someone wasn't playing guitar like themselves i would not want to jam with them.

also think what youd look for if you auditioned someone.
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