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I went to a local band concert last night.
And one of the bands said "This is a temporary bassist, and we are looking for a new one."
My older brother's friend is going to be a screamer in that band as of March.
And I am a good 13 year old bassist.
But I know that half of them smoke.
I don't want to smoke.
And the band wasn't the best.
But I don't think I would have any other luck, because I haven't had any luck yet.
Should I tell them that I want to join the band?


I'm going to make a poll, but if you could please tell why.
does ur bro smoke?
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Just because you're in the band doesn't mean that you'd need to smoke. If they gave you ****, you could drop a line like, "You wanted a bass player, not a smokestack." If you really wanna do it, then go for it.
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im not gonna vote either way, its your decision. Just because some of them smoke, doesn't mean that you have to at all. I don't think it would hurt to try out for the band. If you don't like it, you can always quit.
go for it just tell them you won't smoke if they ask.
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The smoking point is irrelevant. Smoke if you like, don't smoke if you like.

The main question is are they playing music you like? Can you contribute something? There's no point in playing music on stage if you dislike it.
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Do you like their music? If so, join.

Also, if they give you crap about smoking, that might be a sign of bad bandmates..
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