I have a ad30vt and i wanted to be able to get really heavy chugging tone for stuff like pantera and metallica and I also want a really great solo tone. I also can't get a good overdrive for stuff like ac/dc and led zepplin. Should I get a overdrive or should i get a distorsion and which one should I get. I can't afford to get two pedals right now and it would be nice to have it in a month. One more thing. Should i start thinking ahead and get a pedal board or just run the signal from my guitar to the pedal to the amp. All which is the longest cable length you think I would need and which brand should I be looking for that had decent quality. I'm tight on cash. Thanks

oh yeah im using a squier affinity strat it sucks but im upgrading.
first of all, go poke around the ultimate settings thread.
second of all, i have this pedal and i think it's awesome.
i scored one used for about $40.
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What amp do you have? You could buy an amp that does everything you want, and a hell of a lot better than a pedal.
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It really depends on which style you play more of, if you play more metal pantera etc then get a distortion pedal but if you play more led or ac/dc then get the overdrive its a simple matter of which you enjoy to play and play the most. for example i enjoy playing metal and have ordered a EH metal muff distortion pedal. hope i helped.
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What amp do you have? You could buy an amp that does everything you want, and a hell of a lot better than a pedal.


Getting a new amp is a better solution then getting a pedal.If you want both overdrive and distortion then a versatile amp would be the perfect solution. Pedals are mainly used to boost the sound of an amp, not to BE an amp. A pedal will not be a good solution to tone desires.

I found that out the hard way when i got a boss Ds-1 and Death metal pedal. Boss is quite pants and the pedal sounds really muddy and inaudible.

New amp FTW
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