So Im looking to add a new mod to my American Strat, which already has 7 way switching.

What I want to do is wire in a push pull switch to my neck tone knob, and when it is down, the switching be normal (5 way). When you pull it up I want it to have the pickups wired into series, with the 5 way switch acting as follows.

5-way output with the Series fully selected:

Neck + Mid in series
Neck + Bridge in series
Bridge + Mid in series

Now I know that the position 1 and 5 ones work, and sound good, but will my position three, with the Bridge and neck in Series sound good. Would all 3 pickups in series sound good/work at all.

Are these positions (which sound humbucking of a sort) actually hum cancelling?

Idea for this came from http://alexplorer.net/guitar/guitars/black2.html Spifically mod #6

and also from this video, and attached website http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jUMNwkoalKA&feature=related

Sorry for lots of text, and thanks for any help from any of you advanced modders.

Hi Hawk,

1 - Most SSS Strat have a reverse wound, reverse polarity pickup, in the Middle position.

2 - Using this pickup together with either the Bridge or Neck pickup will hum-cancel.

3 - Series or parallel doesn't matter. RWRP and a normal pickup = hum-canceling.

4 - Two normal pickups won't hum-cancel, unless one of them is out-of-phase.

5 - A RWRP and a normal pickup won't hum-cancel if one of them is out-of-phase.

6 - Three SCs in series should be okay, unless they are overwound. Then they might sound muddy.

7 - Series wiring will sound better with 500k pots, instead of 250k.

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