Yes, you read the title correctly.

Hat Power

Hey, it worked for slash!

Anyways, this is my cover of misery business. I tried to make it more intresting than your average guitar video, which you'll notice towards the end.

Click here

You should be able to watch it without signing up to myspace or adding me or whatever, but if you can't I'll put a youtube version up.

Quality isn't great, my bassist has my recording equipment at the moment. And by recording equipment I mean the giant headphones I normally strap over my camera.

I'm playing in drop d by the way. The song might be in drop c, but it's too much trouble to tune to on my ibanez.

I haven't even been playing a year, so go easy .
Thanks. I'm looking into getting a roland cube amp as they seem to be pretty popular around here.
Nope. It's one of the reason I had to film in three parts, because the bridge is played clean. Not that the distortion really came through at all.

I was thinking about getting distortion of chorus pedals, but I do think it would probably be better to spend money on lessons than equipment.