I would really appreciate it if someone could help.I have a jackson ps4 with emg 81/85 active pickups.They are currently wired so that pos 1 on the switch(tword the neck) is the emg 85, pos 2 is both the emg 85/81, and pos 3 is the emg 81. positions 4 and 5 are just the emg 81. i was wondering if there is a way to hook the single coil into the sytem. i would like it to be so that pos 4 is the emg 85 and the single coil, and pos 5 is the emg 81 and the single coil.

This is what i have: Pos 1 emg85/ pos 2 emg 85/81/ pos 3 emg 81/ pos 4,5 emg 81

this is what i want:pos1 emg85/pos2 emg85,81/ pos3 emg81/pos4 emg85,single coil/ pos5 emg81, single coil

I have on volume pot, and one tone pot with a 5 way selector switch. is there any way to make this work, and if not how can i integrate the single coil? thanks

My current wiring is diagram 3 here...http://www.emginc.com/downloads/wiringdiagrams/EMG-ZWset.pdf
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okay. what type of 5-way switch do you have? does it have all lugs in a row? or does it have like 4 on each side?

All 8 are in a row, and i have experience with electronics and soldering etc. BTW
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Is it a passive or active single coil?

it is a passive i believe, it has 2 wires (1 red 1 blue) coming out, it came stock on the guitar
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this is what i want:
pos1 emg85/
pos2 emg85,81/
pos3 emg81/
pos4 emg85,single coil/
pos5 emg81, single coil

Sorry nikkore1, your switch won't do that.
Just like a standard Fender 5-way, the sequence is like this:

1 - A
2 - A & B
3 - B
4 - B & C
5 - C

You can also add C to position 2 ... giving you A & B & C
or add A to position 4 ... giving you A & B & C

... but you can't take anything away.

The only way to get the sequence you suggested is a 4 pole, 5-way superswitch.
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