I have a Yamaha FX-335 and i have no clue what case should i get that actually fits my guitar. There are yamaha cases GA10s and etc, but it doesnt tell which guitar that will actually fit. Any suggestions?
well, usually there are cases that will say " for dreadnaught style guitars" or "for classic style" or maybe even "for jumbo style"
it looks like that yamaha is a dreadnaught.
some cases will accommodate guitars with different dimensions, so it might be a little loose sitting in the case. id say your best bet is going with a padded zip up case. they're much lighter and easier to carry around. but, if you're taking it on plane trips, bus rides, etc. id get a hard shell case for that.
correct. you just need a dreadnought acoustic guitar case. some good manufacturers are SKB and Gator.