Can instrument cables be used for both electric guitar and bass or are they specific? I'm a bit clueless right now but I need to buy a new cable since my current one isn't working too well. After looking around I can't find an answer on if the cables I'm looking at can be used for bass. I'd assume yes, but I don't want to spend money on a cable I can't use/shouldn't be using to play bass.
For reference: http://www.guitarcenter.com/Monster-Cable-S-100-1-4--Straight-Instrument-Cable-331638-i1128534.gc

Thanks in advance.
as long as its an instrument cable, it will work with guitar, bass, keyboard...
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you can buy special bass cables from monster and fender,but i dont know what the difference is
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Cables made from different types of wire allow certain frequencies to pass more easily - so they can be better suited for guitar or bass. Though I've never known anyone that used specific guitar or bass cables, there might be a noticible difference. I have noticed that my Dimarzio cable seems to sound a bit brighter and a little thinner than my Monster and Fender cables. Or it could just be in my head.
^Nah that sounds about right, but that comes down to brand names, not really specific instruments.