hi guys, im selling a yamaha pacifica 612v. its very good, but i fell in love with a hagstrom the other day and i NEED it lol.

how much d'you reckon id get for the 612v? in Pounds.

it has a JB in the bridge and locking tuners. in strat-like, hss, and plays very well. no dings, only had it about a week. perfect condition basically.
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If you intend to sell it here then you're in the wrong forum.
A little bit of advice, though. Why not try to sell the Yamaha after you bough the Hagstrom. That way you can compare them side-by-side and decide which one to keep.
Seriously... one week isn't enough time to judge a guitar's quality. Give it a little more playing and try to 'like' it and you will see a lots more from the innocent little piece of wood (lol at what i just wrote).
give me the pacifica for free or i will rape you :P
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