OK it took me all of half an hour or so. And it's about my little brother, these are just the first three songs to it. I know they're kind of short but it's a rock opera and I don't think that they need to be that long any way. So please tell me what you think. The opera itself is called The Story of Shane and The Blankey.

Where It Begins
It started up at school one day when a boy, he got me mad, I bit his arm real hard and it had made him really sad. The teacher frowned upon me and she said that I’ve been bad, the world changed all for me when I went back to dad.

Here I am, sitting at my window. The police pull into the driveway and then they approach the door, the red marks were on my ears could hurt any less more. I sit here with my blankey wondering what will happen to me next. I knew my life wouldn’t turn out…to...be…the…best!!!!

A woman dressed up in a suit took me down to a home, she told me that I’ll like here and I be safe and I’ll be loved and that these people were sent from up above. By the time that I had liked it there they said that they were through with me sometime I wish the world would...just…leave…me…be!!!!

Where I Traveled
They searched all far and wide for me, looking for a fam-i-ly and now I sit a boy of three just lost and so alone. They put me through a thousand homes no one to tell me where to go they tried and tried but I always seemed to fail. They tried to find a home to give but I never really got to live just going from one house to another house.

The world just seemed so different, but people stayed the same, I never made a good impression isn’t that a bloody shame? They never really got to me and I did no shame to them they never understood that I’m a flower…with…no…stem!!!

Only Bit of Love
Since they couldn’t find parents for me and I was at the age of three the only person that did befriend me!!!! was my trustworthy blanket. Just like a Linus with no blankey I’m a minus and I wouldn’t feel care. It was there for me it shared my pain with me and it just seemed to love me. Since I had no happiness my life showed nothing but crappiness all I could do was sit and cry.

God did have me in his tug, he would squash me like a bug but when I needed a big hug!!! there was my trustworthy blanket.
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Listen to this man. His 2 ideas in five minutes have shat all over your serious ideas.
Oh, and btw, the bolded words are the names of the songs. Thanks in advance.
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Listen to this man. His 2 ideas in five minutes have shat all over your serious ideas.