Hey. I came up with a few Riffs last night when messing around on my electric and recorded them today (it's on my profile called "First Song). I have been playing only for a year and a half, but I thought I'd try and put together my first song because I can improve on this and record it professionaly in the summer when I have access to much better equipment than what I used in the sample. I usually play acoustic but I felt like making something sort of heavy-ish but a Pyscadelic feel (the intro and some of the melodic parts during the chorus) So any constructive critisim is appreciated.. I like some of the riffs in this I plan on just tidying them up and improving on what I've done. Sorry for the long intro :P and if this sounds like anything you've heard before its purley coincidence.

The distorted part is kind of overly dissonant. It might work if the gain was rolled off, but it kind of hurts my ears at some points.

Otherwise it's pretty good for a first song.
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at the beginning when the second guitar layer comes in it is out of time a bit but you correct that as it gets further on, your electric is tuned further up than your acoustic so when they swap, the chord that the electric leads in with doesnt sound right. i agree with artemis about the disonnant chords part, also at 1:30 when the right channel cuts out for a bar or 2 it seems far too unbalaced towards the left channel. from 2:06 to 2:15 the short guitar part sounds like it has too fast a trem on it, just personal preference that though. also there is a horrible digital distortion from your lead heavy guitar, and some of your other guitar parts clip as well. just try and record at a lower level. hope these crits help for when you re record
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yeha that does help thanks.. i defenetely agree with the unbalanced thing at 1:30...its a shame that I did that..I didn't mean to because I am most proud of the 1:30 bit. To be honest I've never been good at mixing. This was just some riff ideas. I'll be improving on everything including song strucutre, and I'll be taking much more time with mixing. Also my equipment isn't good quality so the distortion never sounds the way it should.
I thought the 1:30 mark was pretty cool. After the intro (might be a bit long in its current form) when the electric comes in its pretty rough.

You have a great platform to build something on, Im excited for you haha, once you work it out it'll be cool. Personally Ive been in some inhuman writers block arghhh....again dude good stuff!!!
If you check my profile song please leave a comment on any part.....THANKS!!!
thanks guys I will comment in some of your pages those who replied if you have songs on there. I will keep improving on this.

It's not particuarly amazing, really....

...but it's also a hell of a lot better than anything I could have done after a year and a half.

Definitely mades a change from all the usual pentatonic noodling,heavy metal, shred etc. I hope you keep it up. I reckon you've got a really good ear for an unusual melody or hook, and there's tons of potential to be explored in that area, as bands like Radiohead and the Mars Volta have proved...