Does the PDA (public display of affection) law go for any public place? if so, to what extent?

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not so much a law, but its in the schools here. but its not enforced to well...
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It's not a law, but it's a good rule of thumb if you don't want other people to suddenly feel the need to punch you in the face.
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The only time you're going to get into any leagal trouble for that outside of middle school/highschool is if you're practically ****ing someone in public view
there aren't really any PDA laws here, unless indecent exposure or lewd conduct (which is up for interpretation) is involved.
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we can't even hugs chicks at school

That's the what the dudes are for... We always end up pissing off the teachers, because they can't do anything if dudes hug each other. Yay.

Let's say making out in a movie theatre. Anything that can get you kicked out?

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PDA? like wanking over some random person in the street?
i think its illegal
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mm in my school there isnt much enforcement.
ppl make out all the time, and the moniters dont mind.
probably wish they were back in their "younger days" so they could too
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Let's make it so. I was never really into that song until I saw them play it live at the Ally Pally last November. 'twas ace.
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i dont know about actual laws against it, but im pretty sure that PDA at a funeral would be pretty fun... i mean weird, unless ur a necrophiliac then go nuts
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