hello, i am new to this forum, so hello to all :P

I bought a second hand behringer vintager ac112 60 watt and as soon as i plug it in it buzzes very loud. it is a valve amp so i dont know if maybe if the valve is blown it could cause this?

if anyone has experienced this problem or would have any idea what it could be or how i could fix it please let me know.

if you are near any electromagnetic devises (tv or computer that kinda thing) itll make it buzz
no its in an empty room! i just cut the speaker off it and am gonna try one from a differant amp to see if thats the problem!!!
tried a different speaker,, buzzes less but still no sound from guitar

when tubes blow does the amp go dead not loud or can it get loud and buzzy? im gonna open it up and see if its anything noticable!
does anybody know how to check if a tube/ valve is burned out??
oh right!!
think i might as well try replace the tube in it to see if that helps!

if anybody has any other suggestions i would appreciate them
Mine did this and I sent it back to the place I got it and hopefully they will repair/replace it.