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I've been making a few audio recordings with Sonar 6. I've only had one audio track in these recordings, and each piece is about 1 to two minutes long. I took a 1 1/2 minute piece and export it to a .wav format. The track is 45 megabytes. Songs really shouldn't be that large, should they? Is there a way to export the project file to an audio format without it being so large? Thanks
export it to mp3?
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You'll be losing quality since MP3's a lossy format. FLAC (though the support of it isn't popular yet) and AIFF are other formats to try out. Alternatively, you can zip or rar the file until you need to burn it to CD. In any case, since hard drives are so cheap nowadays, there's no reason to skimp.
I would export it as .wav first, then convert that to .mp3, rather than exporting straight to .mp3. Less loss of quality that way.
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