hey guys.i can't find a pantera thread so i made one.i really enjoy this band.dimmebag's guitar stile is godlike and phils vocals are just heavy as ****.what's your favorite album? i like vulgar display and trendkill the most..the steel album has some nice moments to too.the attitude of this band is just killer.

pantera in the 80s

around '99

the cowboys from hell

r.i.p. dime, we miss you
Yea Pantera are awesome but there is no way to stop the dimebag trendsters from taking over this thread I'm sorry
Best album: Great Southern Trendkill. The gretest hits is cool too tho cause it has a killer Hole in the sky cover ( originally Black Sabbath)
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Never heard of em, whats their best album?

never heard of them?? ahh man limewire the **** outta it now!
Professional Mixing available at request.

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Great Southern Trendkill is probably my favorite album by them, suicide note pt.1 & 2 are awesome. Floods is amazing
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Cowboys From Hell ****ing owns, but Vulgar Display of Power is pretty good as well.