I have an ATI X850, the one with the loudass fan. Due to some weird overheating problems, ones that were not resolved with simply cleaning and replacing fans, I decided to replace the thermal grease on it with Arctic Silver 5, 'cause I've always used that kind.

Starting my computer up, the screen checkered out from just loading up windows. So I figured I'd restart in safe mode to see what was up, but something weird happened. Bringing me to my current problem:

The computer starts itself up the moment it has power, no button-pushing required, but nothing loads. There is no signal to the screen, which could be a screw up on my part, but it gets worse. Even though there's the intial flash of the keyboard and mouse when it starts, the front end (CD/DVD drives and front lights) is dead, except for the fans. It doesn't flash or make any sort of sound. Everything else, including the graphics card, all load up and run at full, but it's as if the computer isn't even doing anything, it's just on. No clicking or change of fan speed to signal it loading anything.

Any help you guys can give, or am I left to ship this off to those Geek Squad guys?
recked cpu
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oh dear
happened to me just before christmas
motherboard is gone
get a new one
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go the the geeks man installing a new fan (or anything else) without "knowledge" of it can seriously damage your system but i think you know that. i think the problem is that the PC receivers too much power from the plug and it starting by its own is a bad sign
Don't worry too much about the motherboard, though. They're fairly cheap nowadays compared to your graphics cards/RAM. Just pick up a new one and have someone with computer experience install it.
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