Yeah, I know about the huge discounts you can get on guitars and stuff, but I haven't heard any sucess stories with haggling with pedals.

Say a pedal's $60 on guitarcenter.com. If I show them that musiciansfriend has it for $50, and show up with $30-40 in cash, would they sell it to me for that much?

Also, feel free to post any stories of you getting pedals for insanely cheap prices.

Probably not, considering you are talking about at least 33% off.
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depends...heres what i do

i know the bass department manager at my guitar center (its good to try to be friendly with the department manager of the area you are going to because they can decrease the price more than regular employees can) i told him that ill only go there on the days that he's there and only buy from him..and he gives me huge discounts....so try that.....i let my dude know that i may need discounts and he gives them happily

i could probably get that if i tried

but it would kinda be pushing it
in my area, guitar center wont do any haggles anymore, they only price match. it sucks >_<
i doubt it... they'll probably match the price of musicians friend and that would be final, i don't think they'd go much less considering they sell stuff relatively cheap in the first place
idk, once my dad got a 900 dollar guitar for 500 even
hes friends with everyone there though
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Most people wouldn't consider haggling for a second. You could try I suppose, but I might have done it if the item was price 100 or more.
I think all they will do it haggle down the price to $50 (musiciansfriend's price)

You would be lucky to get it $40 or under.
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i've never tried haggling on pedals before, but i haggled at a local music centre (not Guitar Centre) and the clerk was about to sell me a brand new Peavey Triple XXX 412 slant AND head for like $500, but then the manager came out and told me to screw off and never come in again
I got a boss me 20 (200) for 175 and 10 dollars of free wire

so,yes,but you have to be good and being a "regular" would help