Here is a song i've written. Its an epic rock song which contains some quite long acoustic parts and finishes up with a distorsioned verse and solo. I havnt had the energy of putting down my solo parts (exept the bridges) and there are no lyrics. I'll give that as a task for the singer of my band. Do you have any suggestions/improvements?

And oh yeah, the stuff there is in swedish but you'll know what is is.
A Song (Gp5).zip
A Song (GP4).zip
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i liked it a lot, and all of those empty solos have a lot of potential to be wickedly melodic
the only part i didnt like was when the first verse ended, then there was a pause, then it sounded like the song started over, and then into the second verse, i think you sould change that a little. oh yea, i forgot to say that the turnaround where the song speeds up are fantastic. excellent job

could you crit my song?
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