I currently have a 4 string American jazz bass deluxe and i want to get a 5 string that will diversify my tone and ad that low balling B. Ive looked around on Musciansfriend.com and didn't really find any answers to my question. What bass is going to give me a really heavy metal tone, i.e protest the hero kind of bass sound. I am pretty sure Arif the protest bassist uses a Warwick, but they are rather expensive. I am looking to keep this bass to about 1200 dollars maybe 1500. I haven't gone out and actually looked at basses or played any, but i am pretty sure that Ibanez, Dean, Warwick and B.C Rich are good metal sounding basses. So any feedback that you can give me is appreciated. Thanks
Arif uses Spector basses, and if you look at some used instrument websites you can find some really good ones that have either very little or absolutely nothing wrong with them for a decent price. Plus they'll most likely come warranty. If you dont want to do that you could always check out the Fender 24V bass. That thing looks ****in amazing.