I think me the rest of the band are going to it this year. The thing is ive never been there, approximately how much is it going to cost, just the ticket not the travel. I know it differs from city to city, but just about how much would it cost?

If you could help me out that would be great!

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it's pretty cheap. and bring water. lots.

if you get your tickets early then they will be cheaper i got mine for 2007 when they first come out and it was 30$. but i know people waited till closer to get there ticktes and it was 60$. Yah water is key... it gets dusty.
its pretty cheap, but wear light clothes, and bring lots of water, and there's plenty of moshpits, so prepare
I breathe air.
The bands on it suck
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i mean no offense to buttholes and poop or anything

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Im Going,
Just to see Paramore, And The Academy Is..
and AVA
So i can laugh at Tom.
Maybe Gallows or Biffy
If they are playing again
Yes, i love paramore, all of them Not just Hayley =]
(That Includes Josh, Jeremy, Zac and Taylor)
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Heres the dates and bands on the bill so far...

Fri 6/20 Pomona, CA
Sat 6/21 San Francisco, CA
Sun 6/22 Ventura, CA
Mon 6/23 OFF
Tue 6/24 OFF
Wed 6/25 Phoenix, AZ
Thu 6/26 Las Cruces, NM
Fri 6/27 OFF
Sat 6/28 Salt Lake City, UT
Sun 6/29 Denver, CO
Mon 6/30 OFF
Tue 7/1 St. Louis, MO
Wed 7/2 Kansas City, KS
Thu 7/3 Dallas, TX
Fri 7/4 OFF
Sat 7/5 San Antonio, TX
Sun 7/6 Houston, TX
Mon 7/7 OFF
Tue 7/8 OFF
Wed 7/9 Atlanta, GA
Thu 7/10 Orlando, FL
Fri 7/11 Tampa, FL
Sat 7/12 Miami, FL
Sun 7/13 Jacksonville, FL
Mon 7/14 Charlotte, NC
Tue 7/15 Virginia Beach, VA
Wed 7/16 Washington DC
Thu 7/17 Cleveland, OH
Fri 7/18 Detroit, MI Co
Sat 7/19 Toronto, ON
Sun 7/20 Montreal, ON
Mon 7/21 OFF
Tue 7/22 Buffalo, NY
Wed 7/23 Boston, MA
Thu 7/24 Englishtown, NJ
Fri 7/25 Philadelphia, PA
Sat 7/26 New York, NY
Sun 7/27 Scranton, PA
Mon 7/28 OFF
Tue 7/29 Pittsburgh, PA
Wed 7/30 Cincinnati, OH
Thu 7/31 Indianapolis, IN
Fri 8/1 Milwaukee, WI
Sat 8/2 Chicago, IL
Sun 8/3 Minneapolis, MN
Mon 8/4 OFF
Tue 8/5 OFF
Wed 8/6 Calgary, AB
Thu 8/7 OFF
Fri 8/8 Boise, ID
Sat 8/9 Seattle, WA
Sun 8/10 Portland, OR
Mon 8/11 OFF
Tue 8/12 OFF
Wed 8/13 Fresno, CA
Thu 8/14 San Diego, CA
Fri 8/15 San Francisco, CA
Sat 8/16 Sacramento, CA
Sun 8/17 Los Angeles, CA

Bands confirmed so far:
Gym Class Heroes
The Briggs
The Academy Is...
The Bronx
Relient K
Every Time I Die
From First to Last
The Street Dogs
Reel Big Fish
Norma Jean
We the Kings
Devil Wears Prada
Pierce the Veil
The Color Fred
The Lordz
Katy Perry
Quote by metalcore123
only band that im seeing thats worth it is all that remains
Haha that's silly. The only band on the tour is Bouncing Souls
Quote by Bob_Sacamano
i kinda wish we all had a penis and vagina instead of buttholes

i mean no offense to buttholes and poop or anything

Rest in Peace, Troy Davis and Trayvon Martin and Jordan Davis and Eric Garner and Mike Brown
Bands do look pretty sucky this time around.

He's laughing at YOU.
You better click that bastard.

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The Bronx are good..
they'll probably be playing Leeds though so I shant row my boat to American to see them
That was a rare post..

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Leeds '07 '08 '09!
I don't know the answer, or have anything funny to say, but dude that is one sweet Bulbasaur avatar
From that list it looks like it's not worth the money this year.

Then again it hardly ever is...
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It is for The Color Fred.

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Big burly men grunting without shirts on pretty much summed up my childhood.

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^ That's not the entire list. It's up on warpedtour.com, there's a bunch more. It's not the best, but I'm going anyway.

Edit: Here's the whole list.

3OH!3 whole tour
A Day to Remember jun 20 - jul 20
Against Me! whole tour
Aggrolites whole tour
Alesana whole tour
All That Remains jul 22 - aug 17
All Time Low jul 22 - aug 17
Anberlin jun 20 - aug 17
Angels and Airwaves whole tour
As I Lay Dying jun 20 - jul 18
August Burns Red jun 20 - july 6
Automatic Love Letter jul 17 - july 27
Beat Union whole tour
Bedouin Soundclash jul 3 - jul 17
Between the Trees whole tour
Bouncing Souls jul 16 - jul 25
Bring Me the Horizon jul 22 - aug 17
Broadway Calls whole tour
Charlotte Sometimes whole tour
Cinematic Sunrise jul 10 - jul 16
Classic Crime jul 27 - aug 17
Cobra Starship whole tour
Confide jul 22 - aug 17
Danger Radio jul 19 - aug 8 / aug 9 - aug 18
Dr. Manhattan jul 22 - aug 17
Evergreen Terrace whole tour
Every Avenue jul 9 - jul 26
Everytime I Die whole tour
Family Force 5 whole tour except 6/19, 6/20, 6/26, 7/2, 7/12, 8/8
Forever the Sickest Kids jun 20 - jul 6 / jul 7 - aug 17
Four Year Strong jul 19 - aug 17
From First to Last whole tour
GBH aug 6 - aug 17
Greeley Estates whole tour
Gym Class Heroes whole tour
Horrorpops whole tour
Jack's Mannequin jul 1 - jul 20
Just Surrender jul 9 - jul 26
Katy Perry whole tour
Ludo jul 22 - aug 17
Madina Lake jul 9 - jul 25
Mayday Parade whole tour
Maylene and the Sons of Disaster jun 20 - jul 18
MC Chris whole tour
MURS whole tour
Norma Jean whole tour
Oreska whole tour
Paramore jul 1 - jul 6
Pennywise jul 15- jul 22, jul 24, jul 29 - aug 3
Pierce the Veil whole tour
The Pinker Tones whole tour
Protest the Hero whole tour
Reel Big Fish whole tour
Relient K whole tour
Rise Against aug 6 - aug 17
Say Anything whole tour
Set Your Goals whole tour
Shwayze whole tour
Sick City jul 19 - jul 20, aug 6
Sky Eats Airplane jul 27 - aug 17
Stick to Your Guns jun 20 - jul 6
Story of the Year whole tour
Street Dogs whole tour
The Academy Is... whole tour
The All-American Rejects jun 20 - jun 29
The Audition jwhole tour
The Briggs whole tour
The Bronx whole tour
The Color Fred whole tour
The Devil Wears Prada whole tour
The Dillinger Escape Plan jul 9 - jul 15
The Fabulous Rudies whole tour
The Higher jun 20 - jul 20
The Human Abstract jul 22 - aug 17
The Lordz whole tour
The Maine jun 20 - jul 18 / aug 9 - aug 17
The Morning Light jul 28 - aug 6
The Saint Alvia Cartel jul 9 - aug 3, aug 13 on
The Secret Handshake jun 30 - jul 9
The Vandals aug 6 - aug 17
We the Kings whole tour
If only summer rain would fall, on the houses and the boulevards
And the sidewalk bagatelles, it's like a dream
With the roar of cars and the lulling of the cafe bars,
The sweetly sleeping sweeping of the Seine...
this is like....saxaxe's guilty pleasure tour. I'm going and Im going to love every minute of it.
A Day To Remember, Against Me!, All that Remains, As I Lay Dying, August Burns Red, Every Time I Die, Mayday Parade, REEL BIG EFFING FISH, Say Anything, Set Your Goals, Stick to Your Guns, The Human Abstract.
Besides, Warped Tour is always a blast, even if the bands suck. The atmosphere is so much fun, and always so positive, you can't be in a bad mood. Warped is basically my favorite part of the summer. I'm going 3 or 4 times. In VA, Michigan, New York, and New Jersey.
Oh no. All That Remains and Protest the Hero don't need to be associated with that kind of audience...
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glad the Used aren't on it again. and no Coheed? whats the point?...
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remember UG Community? thought so.
For some reason I hope they sell off that Verizon Center place where they always hold Warped Tour here.

If not, I have to listen to half the school talk about As I Lay Dying and claiming it doesn't get better than that.
When you saw me sleeping
thought I was dreaming
of you...

I didn't tell you
That the only dream
Is Valium for me
Warpedpanel.com soon to be Warpedreporters.com

Got in with a free VIP pass from them last year. However, I could not go and was rightfully pissed. Just wait awhile and they'll start their survey **** that you fill out. It's all somewhat random when they do it though. If you look under selected panelists, I'm Jason Burns under the Virginia Beach date.

I'd add Lisa's myspace for more regular updates.

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Best- Music

90% of people are arrogant bastards, regardless of religion.
I've been going for the past three years...I'll be at the ones in KC and St. Louis this time around.
It's always about $30 per person. My advice: Bring water. Lots and lots of water, or you won't enjoy it half as much as you should.
Hmmm, actually a good amount of good bands: Against Me!, the Aggrolites, Bedouin Soundclash, the Bouncing Souls, GBH (WTF?), the Horrorpops, Pennywise, Rise Against, Street Dogs, the Bronx, the Dillinger Escape Plan, and the Vandals. Sounds like I'm definitely going.

EDIT: SHIT! It seems that Bedouin Soundclash, the Bouncing Souls, GBH, Pennywise, Rise Against, the Dillinger Escape Plan, and the Vandals aren't playing at the show near me. Still like six good bands...I'll probably go if I have a bunch of friends that are going.
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Quote by Teh Parawhorree
Im Going,
Just to see Paramore, And The Academy Is..
and AVA
So i can laugh at Tom.
Maybe Gallows or Biffy
If they are playing again

but wen is it?
is it to late to get tickets?
There is a thread for this in PP&E.
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