hi, i'm a big fan of the tone of david gilmour who is my hero, and stuff like bucketheads "whitewash" and some of dream theaters stuff like "lost without you" could someone please tell me how to get tones like that, the ones that sound mystic and echoish and sustain. Also could you give me tips on what would be good effects peddels to get and what pickups to put in my guitar that would give me more of the tone im talking about?
You need a good amp is what you need. I think Gilmour uses Laneys? I could be wrong. Petrucci uses Mesa Roadkings and Mark IVs. I can easily get a Petrucci sound out of my Mark IV without effort.
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Well i have a dean markley amp i think k-100B and i've always been told it was a good amp, i mean is it not a good amp? if its not whats a good low price amp i could get?
for reverb look at EHXs reverb , cant remember the name atm but it is supposed to be brilliant, holy stain is it?
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