Hey there everyone, I'm new to this forum and just wanted to say hi to ya all.
I'm also new to the guitar; so I hope I can count on you guy's for some much needed tech support and advise. Especially since the guitar I've inherited is in need of a little TLC (I think)!
I look forward to all your responses (on this and future threads) and just hang'n out here and check'n out the banter.
hey and welcome.

stay away from the pit unless you feel like dropping your IQ.

^best gaming and graphics site out.
welcome dude. Just some little advice: post your questions in the appropriate forums, you'll get the most knowledgeable responses. For example, don't go to the Pit asking about a new amp, go to the Guitar Gear & Accessories forum.

Just follow the rules and you'll be fine!
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Welcome to UG
it certainly is the place to be!
Professional Mixing available at request.

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yeah, all these dudes sayin stay away from the pit are right...it is a bottomless black hole that sucks you in and takes away your social life...only strong willed people can come out again lol
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thanks for the compliment man!
Welcome to UG.

Good luck improving your guitar skills - UG's certainly the place to be for that. Check out some of the lessons.