Second song for my band. I really should have been done this about a month ago but I was too lazy.. So, today I finally finished it. My friend noticed a similarity to a Men At Work song (that Ive never heard before), but I actually thought it sounded like a Thrice song (Of Dust and Nations).
The beggining reminds me a lot of "End of Heartache" by Killswitch Engage.

its alright
I enjoyed the beginning riff. Although I didn't like the random sped up section that comes next.
The rest of the song had a great beat and I like how you created a nice beat out of the single open string power chord, but on that note, don't create too many riffs which just use this note, you created quite a few which just changed the picking pattern. If you are going to use these, add an interesting lead guitar over it some times, just to add a little more variety.

My two KSE inspired songs
Please review my two songs as well, would be grateful.
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The thing I like about this is your uncanny ability to make a good breakdown. I particularly like bar 73. The ending chords section starting at bar 85 I absolutely love. It's a great way to close, it's the kind of thing I'd end an album with.

However, there are a couple of bits which would make the song much, much better if they left; I'm not a fan of the main melody, ie the one that appears in the intro. It just sounds... off to me. I can't really descrbe it. The thrashy parts (bar 25 for example) also feels really tacked on. I don't like that tempo change.

On the other hand, you're open to using an interesting structure instead of sticking to verse-chorus-verse, which is very cool, and as a whole (except for the bits I don't like ) this is a very strong, mosh-friendly song. 8/10.

Wow, great work. Not really into this genre myself, but i like the rythym you have going on, especially in the opening riff. Not too much to complain about here.. maybe add a solo, but i don't know if it would fit your music?

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