Hey UG,

My band has a show in 3 and a half hours and my throat is dry and sore. Do you know of anything I could do for a quick fix so i can sing?
drink lots of water and take throat sweets and stuff? you never know, it might work.
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Try milk with a bit of honey in it. It works a little.
I've also heard vegetable oil..? But that's just gross. =P
Good luck!
Tea with lemon and honey always works well, as do cough drops.
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Try milk with a bit of honey in it. It works a little.
I've also heard vegetable oil..? But that's just gross. =P
Good luck!

No milk!! Dairy products BAD!

Try something like a lemsip...something hot
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water first , then go for the hotter stuff and yes best something herbal , likes herbal tea it soothes alot
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Go to a music shop and buy something called entertainers secret.

Is that throat spray? What exactly does that stuff do?
Plain honey seems to help my singer...
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go through it, like skiba does, sounds really pained and great
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Honey and lemon helps, I think. If they're not available, then the best I can recommend is drinking water and relaxing your voice.
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My bad, guys. I thought milk worked, my brother is like Mr. Singer. He sings in like 240987340 bands and in shows and stuff and he uses milk and honey. Guess I gotta tell him to stop. =P
milk isn't recommended for singing but it does soothe the throat quite well, if your throat is really raw some phlegm may be what you need
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hot cup of black tea with honey. drink two or three cups if you can. i'm so used to using tea for all my throat/mouth/head/sinus issues, i sometimes forget how helpful it really is.
Blair is this the blair i know? If not, interesting, because my friend has a dry throat and a show tonight...