I've read that you should play with your fingertips, not the pads... does that mean the VERY tips of your fingers? Like almost at the end of the nails?
Not that extreme, just to the point its comfortable. Touch the end of your nose, that type of fingertip.
It generally means the actual fingertip. Like, if you point your finger towards your face, the bit that you see. Not the pads, basically.
Your fingers should be somewhat curved when you fret anything too, so you should naturally end up playing with the correct part of your fingertip if your hand is angled properly.
Yeah, i have always wondered if i was using the right part of the finger, but then i started realizing when i did faster songs that it's the only way, lol.

A sub-question i have for everyone is does anyone else bleed when they play guitar right after taking a shower or doing the dishes?
No, but it makes sense because your fingers will be slightly wetter and softer and therefore more likely to be cut.
I don't find my fingers to be actually cut, but blood sometimes just seeps through my skin when I play with anything other than the very tips of my fingers.
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