im looking for some websites that host a bunch of desktop wallpapers. im looking for either straight photography, or slightly altered photography. just something with kinda a mystical/surreal feel to it. some things kinda like this



more so the first one.
Remember through sounds
Remember through smells
Remember through colors
Remember through towns
-Modest Mouse, "Novocaine Stain"
*Sets first wallpaper as background*

Thanks for that, but sorry, I can't help you.
And what is more, there's been a bloody purple nose and some bloody purple clothes that were messing up the lobby floor. It's just apartment house rules so all you 'partment fools remember : one man's ceiling is another man's floor.
Try deviantart.
The will to neither strive nor cry,
The power to feel with others give.
Calm, calm me more; nor let me die
Before I have begun to live.

-Matthew Arnold

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I can't link directly, but

4chan's /wg/ board.

Be warned, there are sometimes pornographic walls on there

However, there are a bunch of rapidshare packets too with cool wallpapers
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hit refresh until you see the ad for free wallpapers. that place is legit.