Ok, I just bought a Jackson JS30KE Kelly and it's a phenomenal guitar, for me, everything is perfect, the neck the tone, etc, however, when standing, it is incredibly neck heavy and makes playing a bitch. I heard repositioning the bottom strap button could help solve the issue and balance a guitar out.

Can anyone whos done this to a Kelly or really anything help me out with what to do? Thank you very much in advanced.
It's not the button on the tail that's the problem,
it's the one near the neck end of the body that's causing the problem.
It's too far toward the tail.
If you attach the button using the screw at the top of the neck plate, that will help.
It will still be head-heavy, just not as bad.
Or add about 10 pounds of lead weight to the tail. lol

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Alright, awsome, moving the one at the neck is waaay less trouble than making a new hole.

Thank for the help, I really appreciate it.
I just switched it to the lowest one at the top; it perfect, thanks so much, I owe you.