iono, it would look weird
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I'm hearing a steady *thump thump* from the people above me and I need some porno grooves to play on my bass to give them some background music. Any ideas?

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as in a Bigsby Vibrato?
aren't they more for semi-acoustics?

Bigsbys on SGs look amazing, too. Same with Tele's and Les Pauls.

I've seen a Bigsby on an Explorer before, and it looked pretty badass.
i think it looks cool, if you watch school of rock theres a part when jack black has 1 with a bigsby
an explorer with bigsby?

that's like...a Gretsch with EMGs and OFR
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an explorer with bigsby?

that's like...a Gretsch with EMGs and OFR

Not really.... people put Bigsbys on guitars made for harder rock all the time. I was going to put one on my SG because I want a vibrato, but I decided just to save up for a strat.
i wanna see a pic. i'm looking at getting a cheap epi korina wood explorer and i want a bigsby on it
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Jack Black has a cherry explorer with a B5 on it at the beginning of School Of Rock and it looks amazing
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