I'm finally getting a new amp today so basically what i want is if anyone out there has one of the amps I'm considering (to be listed below) could you give me a brief summary of the pros and cons? that would be swell. I known it's just going to come down to which one I like the best but I'd like to know of any problems/awesome little tidbits.

1. Traynor YCV20WR

2. Peavey Classic 30

3. Line 6 Flextone III

4. Palomino V32

5. Peavey Valveking 112

6. B-52 AT-112

7. Vox AC15

I play an Epi Les Paul with a DS-1(i like it despite the nonbelievers). Genre-wise I tend to stick to ska, punk, and reggae with occasional doses of coheed.
I'm kinda asking a lot so thanks in advance to anyone who responds.
ive heard traynors are good, although i dont know much about them. im not a big fan of vox or line 6. i think the peavey valveking would be your best choice for punk.
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Ive heard the traynors are quite versatile amps, the VK i have mixed opinions about, but its probably more suited to heavier stuff IMO,

Your best choices are:
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