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Just wondering what all you UG players out there are playing through and the genre that you play the most.

String Type and Gauge:
Amp: Head, Cab, Tube or SS, OHM Or Amps
Special Twists:


Mine is:
String Type: GHS Rock Its (EXTRA LIGHT)
AMP: Fender Frontman: Use two six inch speakers in a sep cab.
Guitar: BC Strat, HSH
Effects: Boss Metal Pedal, or Digitech RP 300a
Special Twists: None

I play rock, metal, and occasionally some classics.
-Currently BC Strat (CUSTOM): HSH
-Peavey Tube Amp 200 watt 1x12 Celestion (4 ohm half stack cab as extension)

Kona Dreadnot Acoustic Guitar

Electric Strings: GHS Rockits- 11's
Acoustic Strings: Diaddario Mediums
Epi les paul w/ ernie ball regular slinkies (10-46
Monster 12' cable
Digitech Metalmaster Distortion
Ibanez Weeping Demon wah
monster 6' cable
marshall VS30r valvestate combo (not the best amp ever I know).
genre is hard rock (Zep, G n' r AC/DC, etc) to thrash metal (Megadeth, Metallica, Slayer, pantera, prototype, etc).
Current Gear:
LTD MH-400 with Gotoh GE1996T (EMG 85/60)
PRS SE Custom 24 (Suhr SSH+/SSV)
Ibanez RG3120 Prestige (Dimarzio Titans)
Squier Vintage Modified 70s Jazz V
Audient iD22 interface
Peavey Revalver 4, UAD Friedman BE100/DS40
Adam S3A monitors
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You CAN play anything with anything....but some guitars sound right for some things, and not for others. Single coils sound retarded for metal, though those who are apeshit about harpsichord probably beg to differ.
d addarios xls eleven gauge

Line 6 HD147 Half-Stack

custom les paul jr with a dimebucker

dunlop nylon picks
String Type and Gauge: D'Addario (Spelling?) .009-.046
Amp: Sondar Theron (No idea. Just bought it from a neightbor.) Solid state, 50 watts, no distortion channel.
Guitar: Austin Vintage Rock.
Effects: GFX-1 by Zoom
Special Twists: Non to speak of.

Mostly blues, some metal.
Strings: Ernie Ball skinny top heavy bottom
Amp: soon to be Peavey Bandit 112 (i think, still need to look at a few others)
Guitar: Agile Reaper - love it so much!!

zz ryder shadow tuned to drop d
epiphone les pauld to to flat e
digitech death metal,black 13 and jimi hendrix fuzz wah
i run extra heavy gauge ernie balls
fender 100 watt

i play anything from the beatles to zombie basically metal and rock all types
Proud BLACK 13 Owner
RIP Charles Michael "Chuck" Schuldiner THE FATHER OF DEATH METAL
Warmoth custom strats
- Koa Body & Maple Body
- AAA Birdseye Maple Necks
- EMG 81/85 & SD JB/Hotrail pickups
- Heavy Gauge Strings (Ernie Ball)
Rocktron Prophesy Pre-Amp
Peavey JSX Combo Amp
Morley Bad Horsie Wah
String Type and Gauge: D'Addario 10's, out of the Bulk box

Amp:Blues Junior, 4 Celestions in a VOX cabinet

Guitar:1.Standard Tele, vintage noiseless, 500k pot, killswitch , and refinished neck
2. Poplar Strat body with scalloped frets 12-21, Coil split switches, 500K pots, Roller saddles, Gotoh Tuners
3. Cordoba single cut classical. I really should get an acoustic amp, but I usually mic it.

Effects: Boss OC-3, Overdrive/distortion, TS-9, Weaping Demon (hardly ever use it), White Finger Compressor, Big Muff, The Worm, Technics stereo EQ, and Holy Grail

Special Twists: I run through the Technics EQ, which is from a stereo system. It works great and has 2 channels, I need to make a switch box to switch between each channel.

I play funk/rock, blues, or just newer rock stuff. Also some classical.
Here's mine:
String Type: D'Addario, not sure about specifics
Amp: Line 6 Spider III 30W
Guitar: Ibanez SA220TG
Effects: Line 6 FBV Express, but that's not really effects...
Special Twists: None

I play mostly rock, punk, and metal.
String: Super Slinkys/Regular Slinkys
Amp:Marshall 250DFX
Guitar: BC Rich Mockingbird SE EE(standard) Ibanez RG3EX1(dropped one step)
Effects: Ibanez weeping Demon~~~~~Electro Harmonix Small Clone

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"in the grand scheme of things, nobody cares"

Dean 10K Commemorative Razorback
Ibanez RG 3EX1
BC Rich Mockingbird Evil Edge
Fender Acoustic
Marshall MG250DFX
Ibanez Weeping Demon Wah
Electro Harmonix Small Clone Full Chorus
strings:super slinky's(thinking of changing, so hard to tune)
amp:Mega Amp 15w(lol, whenever i practice with my band i use my friends vox 50)
guitar:Yamaha Pacifica pac012
effects:Korg Toneworks ax13
special twists:for a cool sound i turn the flange up and break out the brass slide lol

rock/heavy metal and anything in between
My Gear
Yamaha Pacifica (D'addario Flatwound)
Roland Cube 60 watt
Dunlop Crybaby Wah
Electro-Harmonix Big Muff Pi
Boss RC-2
Montana Acoustic Guitar(Martin Regular)
Ernie Ball Super Slinkies
Marshall 100HDFX and Marshall 8 ohm speaker 1940A or something (cant remember)
Fender 50's strat
Marshall Guv2 distortion
Spiecal twists: nope

Play: Everything ranging from acoustic to metal but mainly Pop Punk
Kona LP Ripoff
Epiphone Telecaster
Schecter Damien FR
All with D'addario 9's

Boss Super Phaser
EHX Metal Muff
Morley Little Alligator
DOD Digi-Delay/Sampler
Behringer FCB1010 MIDI Controller
Dunlop Heil Talkbox

Peavey Rockmaster Pre
TC Electronics G-Major
SKB 8 Space rack (got it for cheap)

Fender PA 100 (100W all tube four channel fender from the 70's)

I play Indie/Prog/Alt Rock
Member of the vegetarian club

Arbor AF-100
Cheap Kona

Boss PH-2
Ibanez DC10
NYC Big Muff
Little Alligator
Peavey Rockmaster
TC G-Major
BBE 401 Maxie
Boss RC-20

70's Fender PA 100
String Type and Gauge: Ernie Ball .11s
Amp: Custom Vibro Champ I built, runnign through a custom Weber 12A100T. I also use a VJ and a Randall RG75DG2 that run through a Celestion.
Guitar: Modded MIA strat and a tele I built. Sometime I break out a Les Paul.
Effects: Boss TU-2, Custom Wah, Custom Modded DS-1, Custom Modded Big Muff, looper/bypass, A/B box, SHO, Custom Tube Screamer, MKII, EHX Small Clone.
Special Twists: Things sound good, I built and tweak most of my own equipment.

I play classic rock, blues, hard rock and alternative.
String Type - Earnie Ball 10-52 in regular tuning.
Amp - Peavey 6505 head and Marshall 1960BV, Line 6 Flextone 3 XL
Guitars - Gibson Les Paul Custom stripped and oiled with Black Hardwear and EMG's.
String Type and Gauge: GHS Boomers 9's
Amp: Marshall JCM 900
Guitar: Jackson RR5 (drop D) Dean Dime from hell (standard)
Effects: Digitech whammy IV, dime crybaby from hell.
My gear
1.Jackson RR5
2.Epiphone LP Custom (gibson burstbucker in bridge)
3.Washburn Dime 332 (Bill Lawrence L-500XL)
4.Fender Standard Strat

1989 Randall RG-100-ES, Marshall Jcm 900
1999 Marshall 4x12 1960A
String Type and Gauge: .13's dont remember which brand tuned to c standard or something close to that
Amp: Crate GX900H 90W SS head with matching cab
Guitar: BC Rich Revenge Warlock
Effects: usually nothing but the amps distortion
Special Twists: new GFS power rails pickup

i play mostly metal and whatnot. i also have a crappy epi lp for standard tuned songs.
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9/10 rotos atm

epiphone SG, with swineshead warthog
semi acoustic
strat copy

Laney VC15

i play indie and rock really. bit of blues in there too
Get off this damn forum and play your damn guitar.
String Type and Gauge: D'Adarrio 9's (Washburn), Dean Markley Blue Steel 10's (PRS)
Guitar: Washburn KC-40V, PRS Soapbar II

I play punk, ska, and glam
Edwards Les Paul Custom
Burny SG Junior
DIY Telecaster
Keeley RAT 2
Marshall JCM 800 4104
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Guitars, String Type and Gauge:
- Defretted Ibanez Soundgear lefty bass w/ active pickups with D'Addario strings;
- Epiphone Joe Pass Emperor II (lefty) with Fender smooth strings (.11 I believe);
- Squier Strat (lefty), heavy modded (new bridge, new electronics and 2 mini humbuckers), with D'Addario .09 strings;
- Vantage acoustic lefty guitar with Ernie Ball strings (the Hybrid set);
- a 12-string Keiper guitar with Martin strings (reversed);
- Stagg M50E electric mandolin with D'Addario mandolin strings (reversed)
- Stagg ukulele

Amp: a crappy Fender Frontman in my room

Effects: in random order:
Zoom 504 for acoustic guitar (or acoustic simulation)
Danelectro FAB overdrive, FAB distortion, FAB metal, FAB chorus, FAB flanger, FAB echo, Pastrami overdrive, French Fries auto wah, Tuna Melt tremolo (wonderful), Pepperoni phaser, Shift Daddy echo/pitch shifter, tuner, Free Speech talkbox, Bacon&Eggs amp&dist
BOSS HM-3 Heavy Metal, ME-50B bass multi effect, TM-3 line driver/headphone amp
Ibanez FL-7 Flanger
Behringer Octaver
DOD A/B box

to record on my pc:
Boss TM-7 guitar monitor with
Yamaha FX500 multi effect in the effect loop

Special Twists: Mike Matthews's Soul Kiss, eBow
D'addario XL 10
Dean Markley Blue Steel

Vox AD30VT Models:
UK Modern

Epiphone Les Paul
Ibanez S Series

AD30VT - Comp/ Comp Chorus / Auto Wah

Upgraded pickups in les paul, soon to be put it S series.

Death Metal
Melodic Death Metal
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String Type and Gauge: GHS Boomers 09's
Amp: Behringer GMX210 shit
Guitar: ESP LTD M200FM w/ DiMarzio EVO2. Jackson Kelly. Epiphone SG, Strat Copy.
Effects: Digitech Death Metal
Special Twists: ?

Epic Metal, Power Metal, 70's 80's 90's Metal, lots of Blues.

93 Jackson Dinky Professional Reverse
98 Jackson Kelly KE3

Peavey Bandit 112
Custom 2x10 cab w/Bugeras
String Type and Gauge: Ernie Ball slinky 10-52
Amp: Ibanez TBX15R that is diing so I'm getting a new amp this week coming(VK or Windsor or IDK)
Guitar: Squier Strat with Seymour DUncan Invader in bridge
Effects: BBE Crusher Distortion(rarely use it)
Special Twists: x
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-GHS low tune
-Fender Vibrochamp XD
-Strat(no Name,fender in sienna sunburst coming in a cupla months)
-boss ME50, (use mostly tubescreamer, chorus and wah effects)

play mostly blues and classic rock
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This is deep
Was the pun intended?
Actually no

E-married to Nikki82
Guitars :
fender highway one strat, schecter c1+, ovation 1778lx elite, spector american neck through ns-2
seymour duncan 84/40 tube, marshall 1987x hand built by me, a carvin x100b w/ 6l6 and curvy logo , ptp vj made by me, a ,marshall 1960av cab and a homemade 2x12

true bypass ts-9 ( modded by me), fx-7, jimi hendrix modded true bypass wah, byoc delay

i play blues and classic rock
too much to list

Soldering iron:15 dollars
Amp kit: 500 dollars
solder: 5 dollars
Burning the crap outta your fingers: priceless
String Type and Gauge: D'darrios XL gauge 10
Amp:Marshall AVT 50x
Guitar: Ibanez GSZ120, Epiphone Les paul special 2 (process of being modded), Shine Strat and a Lindo "elements" Acoustic
Effects: Digitech Whammy, Zvex Fuzz Factory, Electro Harmonix Little Big Muff, Zoom G7.1ut, Boss Tremolo, Boss Super Chorus, Digitech Grunge, Digitech Bad Monkey and if it works (haven't tested if to see if it works) ART FXR.
Special Twists: sustaining on a low volume with the amp's Help which can lead to I think 5th harmonic on certain frets.

I play a lot of Rock / alt rock.
Epiphone LP special model 2 (Heavily modded - killswitch and custom midi X-Y touch pad).
Digitech Whammy, Zvex Fuzz Factory, Boss Dynamic Wah, Electro harmonix Little Big Muff, Zoom G7.1ut, Digitech Grunge, Korg KP2.
Marshall AVT 50x
String Type and Gauge:ernie ball power slinkys or dean markley skull busters
Amp:vox ad15 valvetronix
Guitar:schecter omen 6, invader bridge and ghs power rails neck
Effects:digitech death metal, digitech rp80, danelectro metal
Special Twists: i guess heavy picks?

i play metal in every shape and form,punk,pretty much it
My Gear:
Schecter Omen 6 ( Seymour Duncan SH - 8 Invader Bridge, GFS Crunchy Rails Neck )
Jackson JS30DKT Dinky™ Hard tail ( Stock Pickups )
Fender Squire Stratocaster ( Stock Pickups )
Vox AD15VT Amplifier
Guitar: Epi SG 400
Amp: Crate 65w
Strings: D'Addario .10s
Effects: none
i play shred, thrash, and death metal.
posted this to keep on topic...

but my real question is, do people seriously have separate guitars for alternate tunings??
Guitars: No Name 5 String bass
Aria Fat Strat
Strings: Roto 130s on the bass
Ernie ball heavy top slinky bottoms
Amps: Marshall G10 (The predecessor of the MGs)
Carslbro Stingray Pro Bass 150
Carlsbro 2x12"s two of them
Marshall JCM800 2x12 cab
2 Celestion g12-t75 lying spare
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String Type and Gauge: ernie ball heavy bottom skinny top
Amp: Head, Cab, Tube or SS, OHM Or Amps: Peavey windsor head, fender FM4x12 cab
Guitar: completely redone squire tele
Effects: BOSS dd-3, planet waves pedal tuner, peavey 31 band rack eq
Special Twists: .50 picks.

EDIT: i play pop, alternative, and some metalcore.
String Type and Gauge: Ernie Ball Super Slinkys, .9s
Amp: Line6 spider3 dont laugh, I'm 100 away from the peavey valveking 212
Guitar: Epi LP, and soon a custom Strat when I finish my project
Effects: Zoom G1X
Special Twists: I play using only my penis.

I play teh punk rox.
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Strings: DR titewound .10s
Amp: Micro Cube
Guitars: Gibson SG, Epiphone acoustic
Effects: Crybaby wah; chorus, flange, phaser, tremelo, delay, reverb built into amp
Twists: fingerpicking, slide
Blues/classic rock
Gibson SG Faded
Epi VJ Stack

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They stopped asking
Strings: D'addario xl 10's
Amp: QSC rmx850 600 watts
Preamp: Line 6 Pod Pro
Effects:BBE 362 Sonic Maximizer, Korg DTR1000 Digital Rackmount Tuner
Guitars: Ibanez SAS36FM with Seymour Duncan Hot Rails in the neck/middle, and a Invader in the bridge...Ibanez SA with hot rails in neck/middle, Dimebucker in bridge...Ibanez RG2EX...Jackson Dinky DK2 with GFS Crunchy Rails in the Bridge, Hot Rails in neck/middle.
String Type and Gauge: Dave Mustaine Progressives, Assorted Ernie Ball Nines, and Dean Markley Signatures.

Amp: Marshall 8100 and AVT Slanted Cab with stock speakers. Soon to be Texas Heats.

Guitar: Ibanez 270DX w/ X2N in bridge, And heavily modified Squire Bullet.

I play Death, Meleodic, Progressive and Technical Metal.
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Strings: D'Addario XL 10's
Guitar: Fender standard strat with vintage pup's
Amp: Peavey Valveking
Effects: Rp150

Playing melodic stuff, classic rock and funky blues...

It ain't easy bein' cheesy...
ermie ball regular slinkys
line 6 spider 2 30
jackson dinky
bigg muff
nano stone
nano clone
bad monkey
morley wah
left handed
trys to play everything .upgrading amp soon dno what yet
jackson dk2 2008
hamer xt sunburst qt
epiphone g400
peavey vk212
morley p wah
behringer pb1000
dige bm
big muff ny
behringer dc 9 comp
member of the Jackson/Charvel Owners Club

£8.50/58fund for a ROCKTRON HUSH SUPER C PEDAL
Well on my acoustic i use GHS White Brone Light Strings, and my electric i use heavy GHS strings or light D'Addaroios...but on the new guitar i'm gettin i'm gonna use light Gibson Electric Strings
Marshall MG15DFX (Although currently i switched it with a friend and got his Micro Cube so i'm living)
Ibanez EW30ASERLG acoustic electric, Jackson Performer PS4 (Not for long), and i'm getting a Epiphone Les Paul Ultra II
Boss DS1, getting a Boss TR2 and Vox Wah...possibly a line 6 POD
Jackson Performer PS4 (soon to be sold)
Schecter C-1 Hellraiser FR
Orpheus Valley Fiesta FC
POD X3 Live
Boss ME-20
Marshall MG15DFX
M-Audio Fastrack Ultra
Boss DR660
at the mo my set up is
guitars: fender american series strat, gibson sg special, epi sg 400 tuned to open G for slide w/ seymour duncan pups, a paf in the bridge and jazz in the neck.

strings: ernie ball power slinkys on the sg's and fender super bullet 9s on the fender

effects: MI audio blues pro overdrive

amps: epiphone v/v junior and fender blues jr

play mainly blues, garage rock and classic rock
strings : ernie ball beefy slinky
guitar: rocker les paul copy with swineshead venom in bridge
amp: cube 60
no effects
style: thrash, metalcore, classic metal, grunge, hardrock, n a bit of classic rock
The Merchant Of the Resident Evil Club

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