Hey everyone...first post on here. Anyway, I don't know if any of you ever have trouble making up riffs for a song, but for a long time I have. I find it very difficult to sit down with my guitar and think of some kind of riff or passage that sounds original and technical. To me, whenever I try to make something up, it always sounds like something I've already played, and more often than not, doesn't sound difficult enough to play to me.

It's pretty frustrating sometimes looking at some of your pages on here and finding out how talented a lot of you are. It's really cool to see people's original ideas and listen to them. I just wish that I could come up with something decent as well.

My question to you all is...how do I get over this? I've tried listening to different genres other than just metal, which is what I play, to try and get different ideas. I've resorted to books sometimes as well, but they never really teach too much other than scales and chords. I just feel like my guitars are going to waste with me not playing them enough because I can't find anything useful to play.

I do have some music up that I've recorded, if you want to check it out. Be advised it's not very good! You can see it at www.myspace.com/orinjenckesband Anyway, any help is appreciated.