We're a band that's just starting out, we're pretty serious about playing shows and recording eventually, we have a guitarist (me), bassist, drummer, and keyboardist. We're all 18/19. Genre is post-hardcore/hardcore/metal. If you have any questions ask here, our myspace, or with a PM.
Does anyone live in Minnesota? Someone has to be interested. Come on, it's almost a full band.
how far away is that from the minneapolis area cuz i can do vocals or guitar
Hi, My name is Kyle and I'm very interested in your ad for a guitarist/ vocalist. I'm 18 years old, I live in North St. Paul MN, I've been singing in a chior since I was 12 so I'd make a pretty good lead singer. I've been playing the guitar for almost two years now and I'm progressively getting better and better at it. My skills as of now include lots of power chords, lead guitar playing, some solos, and more. I love to play metal guitar, I've jamed to Metallica, Ozzy Osbourne, Five Finger Death Punch, and Tool. The tunings I play best in right now are standard and drop D, but i can still learn. You can E-mail me at krswanny@yahoo.com if you're interested in me. Thanks.