I was looking at the tab for creedence clearwater revival's "fortunate son" and it has some mutes in it:

Verse: The rythm guy plays all 8th notes just muting them chord to make the rythm.


I know the tab looks like crap here but maybe you get the picture. Anyway, am I supposed to palm mute there or just mute using my fretting hand, by lifting my fretting fingers slightly? Also, how can I properly palm mute? I can't seem to get that percussive "chug/ chuck" sound when i do it. I lay the edge of my hand on the strings right infront of the bridge behind the bridge pickup. I either mute too much or not enough. Any tips? Thanks
I'd mute those with my fretting hand personally, I would that the easiest way. I palm mute very close to the bridge- you'll have to experiment to find how much pressure you want to apply, though. Certain situations call for different types of palm mutes.
use your fretting hand to mute them. when you're palm muting, move your hand slowly along the strings until you get to the place that has the right sound you want. I usually place my hand right on the bridge.
Yeah, for that tab those x's are scratches, so just lift your fretting fingers juuust a little bit for those. That was your question, right?
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