I can't find one on these guys!! You gotta love the in-you-face corny 80s rock. Best albums are Hysteria and Pyromania. And not to mention the one armed drummer! What a legend.
Ive seen them live
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I've also seen them live!!!! The vocals well weren't great because the guys old but the guitars were soooooo good!!!! The bassist was also very good he had his own solo thing it was pretty sweet! Yeah I don't even have to say anything about the drummer that guy is crazy!
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Yeah thats what I was thinking... I couldnt imagine the vocals being that good live. Hopefully they come to aussie soon enough.
Me like. A very good band. Steve Collins, Steve Clark (R.I.P. due to alcoholism), Rick Savage. The songs they wrote might have strawed to middle of the road hair metal thing with pyromania then hysteria but you have to admit that their song writing skills were very good. One of my all time favorite rock tunes is Let it go: simple yet awesome riff. I still like them when they released hysteria but was just disappointed that mutt lange changed them into a pop act, from what they were with the recordings of "through the night"and "high and dry." And to give them credit; they have been recording new material over the past few years, rather than tour and live off past glory.