i was wondering if a tapped humbucker is as good as a real single coil?
i want to buy a tele but i want it to be really versatile.
from metal to country like john 5.
any suggestions?
Well I'd suggest an HSS guitar, maybe a Fender Highway 1 strat, theyre awesome. Considering the majority of metal is played on the bridge you can use the bridge humbucker, then the singlecoils for blues etc. HSS guitars a really versatile.
He's asking about a tele, though, which is more different from a strat than many people think.

And you can only get true single coil tone from a single coil, but I don't have much experience with humbuckers in general so I'm not all that helpful for this particular question. What I do know is that Telecasters seem to appear in every genre of music there is, so you will probably find a combination that will work well for you.
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I have a Levinson Blade with single coils on the neck and middle and a humbucker on the bridge. It splits the humbucker on the selector switch. The sound isn't spot on for a single coil. But it is close. Personally, I would rather have the humbucker on the bridge. It sounds way better than a single coil.
Buy a regular Tele and get a bridge set up for a humbucker and drop one in. Or, if you have the tools, cut out a spot and put the HB between the singles and add a 5 way switch. The classic Tele sound is a combination of the neck and bridge singles so losing one will still limit you somewhat on classic Tele sound.
Get The EMG 81TW and 89 set. Basically an EMG 81/60, but they both have a coil tap. DO IT NAO
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Split humbuckers sound like single coils under distortion, but not so much on clean. Do what Fat Brian said, I think a bridge humbucker sounds better, but the tele neck Single coils clean tone is unbeatable. Teles have a much thicker tone than strats so a humbucker will sound great with it.
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