Alright, I tabbed these out today, one is a little idea I have for a short early 60s sounding rock song, with all the characteristics of the era (no distortion, simple solo, I IV V, etc)....the other is a pretty catchy rock song I wrote today, and I don't know how else to describe it. So just take a listen to find out!
Beware lest you lose the substance by grasping at the shadow
early 60's: Great Bass line, goes well with the guitar. I liked the lead at the middle of the song. My only complain would be the duration of the song, it's too short.
Catchy song: I like it, Great bass line again, and nice leads at the chorus. nothing to crit but the transition between chorus and interlude.

PS. Thanks for critting my song.
The 60s song sounds like something I've heard before. And it is sort of short.

The other one is a little repetitive... but I'm guessing drums and lyrics will fix that.
Early '60's: Very interesting. I think the solo needs more... snappinessand movement. I'm sure you've seen that live performance of Elvis the Ed Sullivan Show (I think that's it) that people always show when talking about him. The solo was very... lively. Still cool though!

Other: Pretty solid, but the Bridge just comes out of no where I thought.