so i was at this guitar tech's shop to get my epi SG's tuning peg repaired(dont know if anyone remembers that thread) and i guess the guy does appraisals too. there was this one guy talking to the tech and he was saying something like "yeah my dad left it to me when he died" this guy had gray hair and was in his fifties so if his dad bought it then this thing was old. i had too see it. so i lean in and its '57 Fender Strat in almost perfect condition. The tech said he would check out how much its going for and the man said that his two sons play so he couldnt give it to one of them since he would have to screw the other one over. so hes gonna just sell it. anyway has anyone else ever laydeth their eyes on vintage gear like that?
Well, my bud stumbled(not literally) onto a late 1950's gibson acoustic and it is on very, very nice shape. I think the guy in the guitar shop said that they would give $16k for it, but that was too low a price for that guitar. It is beautiful.
Imma quote myself from old thread.

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My old guitar teacher had a VINTAGE Les Paul Gold Top, the second year they were made (I don't know my guitar history, but it had P90's and a spotless finish) and two vintage Fender Super Reverbs. I was only 9, too young to be awed

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EDIT: And I played my Squier Bullet through one of the nicest amps in the world for TWO YEARS!