So, I am learning Beast and the Harlot. Its going pretty well so far. I have gotten up to half of the solo at 60-70% tempo, up until the fast chromatic part. I am just wondering if this song will help me improve my skills in some aspects. I have been playing 1 year and 2 months and want to know if learning this song will help me improve? Thanks.
Be cool.
Technically, yes. Pretty much anything that you do that you aren't comfortable with at first and have to practice over and over will help. After you nail that song, you'll probably go back to certain things that you couldn't do before and it will seem easy.
In my experience I've always chosen songs that are slightly out of my skill range. That way I have to practice and work at it, but it isn't so far out that it's impossible for me to learn. By the time I get it down I'm better than I was before and I can move onto another song.

I've always liked using songs as a way of building technique rather than just running drills. You can go through a list of your favorite songs and listen for something that you might want to learn, whether is be sweeping, speed picking, tapping, or something else. This way you build the technique and get to play something you enjoy. Just remember keep it slightly outside your skill level, not so far out of it that it's impossible.