im looking for a unit that i can record guitar with.. but also just jam and practice with from my guitar to laptop [no amplifier] and occasionally ill use it to record keyboards. i was looking into the maudio mobile pre.. but a bud of mine has it and when playing on my laptop.. it has no distortion, only clean sound. but this is probably just the software hes using .[?] im not looking for great quality or anything.. just to see what two guitars sound like in harmony and to jam at home. anything under 150 dollars would be great.
If you're wanting to do live monitoring without an amp you may want to invest in some type of firewire or usb 2.0 interface. Usb 1.1 has too much latency.

To get the distortion and other effects you can use VST plugins in whatever software you're using. Something like Amplitube 2 would work.
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im assuming it comes with software? and whats the difference between that and the pod?
and sorry i ment guitarport.. didnt notice they were 2 different things
I believe it does come with some recording software bundled. It should say on the website. However, even if it doesn't, you can use it with a free program such as Audacity or Reaper.
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